About us

​A big challenge for the NHS today is improving care at the same time as more and more people are using its services.

Commissioners Working Together is a collaborative of eight clinical commissioning groups and NHS England across South and Mid Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire.

Planning and commissioning on a wider footprint is becoming increasingly urgent as more and more people use NHS services, live longer and technology and how care is delivered improves. For some services, there won’t be enough trained and experienced staff in the future and costs are exceeding funding in the future.

Our mission is to develop excellent healthcare together.


We have recently consulted on proposals to change the way we provide two services across the region:

To learn more about these, go to our main pages on each service change proposal by clicking the links above.


Improving care for you

There have been some big improvements in healthcare in the last 15 years. People with cancer and heart conditions are experiencing better care and living longer. Waits are shorter and people are more satisfied – but the quality of care is variable, preventable illness is widespread and health inequalities deep-rooted.

People's needs are changing, new treatment options are emerging and we face particular challenges in areas such as mental health, cancer and support for older people. Pressures on services are building and we need to work together to find the best solutions.

Commissioners Working Together is looking at services and improving care for you, so we can make sure local services meet your needs.

Who is involved?

The eight clinical commissioning groups are:

Each of the CCGs continue to commission services locally. Commissioners Working Together is finding solution for services that need a regional approach.

You can read about their plans for commissioning locally on their websites.

NHS England is also involved in Commissioners Working Together.