Why are you working together across the areas?

​Working across South and Mid Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire is based on how you receive your care and treatment.

For example, you might live south of Wakefield and go to Barnsley Hospital in the first instance for your treatment, or you might live in North Derbyshire and go to Chesterfield Royal Hospital. If you then needed more specialised treatment, it’s likely you would be referred to one of the Sheffield hospitals.

We call this ‘patient flow’ and it makes sense for commissioners to come together across an area where patients ‘flow’ into NHS services.

Some of the clinical commissioning groups in Working Together are on the outskirts of the wider footprint and are part of other, similar collaborations. This is because people living in other parts of their area will go to different hospitals for treatment – such as to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary if they live west Wakefield or Stepping Hill Hospital if they live in the High Peak district.

These CCGs are Wakefield, Hardwick and North Derbyshire and some of their patients flow into the specialist centres in Sheffield, and some don’t. Mostly, people who live in Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield, will flow into the Sheffield’s specialist centres.

We cover a population of around 2.3 million and have a collective budget of £2.8 billion. Within the patch, there is a range of community health providers, more than 300 GP surgeries, three mental health trusts and seven acute hospital provider trusts.