What we do

Local NHS commissioners plan for future services for people.

We look at many things to help us do this – such as population and workforce trends, standards set nationally, technological advances, the experiences of patients and the quality of current services.

We do this across all health services for local people – from GP practices, to community, mental health and acute hospital services.

For some services, and where it makes sense, we plan on a wider footprint.

This is because more and more people are using NHS services. People are living longer, technology and how care is delivered is improving. We know for some services, there won’t be enough trained and experienced doctors, nurses and healthcare staff in the future – and we know that the NHS costs more than there is money to run it, so we need to work together to find the best solutions.

Commissioners Working Together is looking at the services across the geographical areas and improving care for local people, so we can make sure local services meet your needs.

Our work is across the following areas: