You said, We did

Once we start to have conversations with people, listen to and feed in the feedback to any proposals, we will make sure you get to know what happens.

Early conversations around critical care for people who have had a stroke and children's surgery and anaesthesia services took place between January and April 2016.

Formal consultations on the future of the two services took place between Monday 3 October 2016 and Tuesday 14 February 2017 and a final decision is expected to be made in June 2017.

Click here to read the Independent Consultation Analysis.

How decisions are made

If changes to services are proposed, then the eight CCGs across the area and NHS England - Commissioners Working Together – will carry out formal consultation. At the end of this, the results would be presented to the Joint Committee of Clinical Commissioning Groups (JCCCG), where decisions would be made based on:

  • Your views collected during the formal consultation period
  • Advice from doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals and who are experts in their areas of work
  • The opinions of partner organisations, in particular those that have a statutory role in representing your interests. These include local authority Health Overview and Scrutiny Committees and the Healthwatch organisations
  • An analysis of the challenges and opportunities

The Board is made up of the chairs and accountable officers from the eight CCGs and NHS England.